August 10, 2020

SAFTU saddened by the passing of Legendary Bob Mabena

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) is saddened by the news of the passing of Bob Mabena. Bob Mabena was a legendary radio DJ […]
August 8, 2020

SAFTU statement on Women’s Day 09 August 2020

“Gigantic evils arise from the fact that [women’s] labour, especially domestic labour, often the most wearisome and unending known to any section of the human race, […]
August 6, 2020

SAFTU lowers its banners in honour of the veteran trade unionist John Nkadimeng

The South African Federation of Trade Unions has learnt with great sadness the passing away of the trade union stalwart and leader of the working class […]
August 6, 2020

SAFTU statement on the Zimbabwe Crisis: A Tale of Betrayals and Repression!

Robert Mugabe was ‘disposed’ of by the very forces he did everything within his power to protect and nurture, that is, the armed forces, and the […]