SAFTU NEC report to SAFTU Special Central Committee

Indeed the formation of SAFTU represented a giant leap forward on the road to unite South African workers behind the nine principles adopted by the Workers Summit held in April 2016 and which were adopted at the founding congress of SAFTU held in April 2017.
The NEC has recognised that SAFTU unions come not only from different historic, organisational and political backgrounds, but are also at different stages of development, and this presents many pressing strengths and weaknesses.
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Declaration of the SAFTU Special Central Committee, 17 October 2018 Boksburg

Capitalists never sleep, but work 24 hours a day to plan how best to defend and increase their wealth and power and defeat militant workers and trade unions.
We must therefore be just as vigilant by building our campaign to recruit thousands more workers into SAFTU unions, unite with all other working-class organizations and march forward together to defend and increase the power of the poor majority, fight back against exploitation and poverty and prepare for a revolutionary struggle for a socialist South Africa.