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January 21, 2018
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January 23, 2018

SAFTU welcomes Singh’s resignation from Eskom

The South African Federation of Trade Unions welcomes the resignation of Eskom’s chief financial officer, Anoj Singh, and calls on the utility’s Head of Generation, Matshela Koko, to do the same.

SAFTU further calls for both of them, who are facing allegations of serious corruption and other acts of impropriety, to be criminally charged for crimes against the people of this country.

They and others have brought the country’s power provider to the brink of bankruptcy, which would have devastating consequences for all South Africans and the country’s economy.

As the Presidency has said in a statement: “Eskom is critical to the South African economy. As a key enabler of economic growth and social transformation any further deterioration of Eskom’s financial and operational conditions could have a severe impact on the country”.

SAFTU supports the government’s call for all Eskom employees and other stakeholders who may have evidence of wrongdoing to bring this to the attention of law enforcement agencies so that all culprits could be brought to book.

The federation wishes the new Eskom board success in its formidable task of rescuing it from disaster and establishing it as an efficient and reliable supplier of affordable electricity.