The list below are principles driving SAFTU Conditions of Employment. The list below includes examples of work behaviours that conform with SAFTU’s workplace as well as examples of behaviours to be avoided.
a. SAFTU is a socialist oriented federation that has committed itself to fight for an egalitarian society;
b. These principles should be a corner stone of the SAFTU staff conditions of employment;
c Conditions of Employment should take into consideration the conditions of employment in equivalent organisations such as other unions and civil society formations;
d. Conditions of Employment should not seek to compete with private sector conditions or even the government;
e. Conditions must at all times aim to ensure that the skilled staff is retained. SAFTU must aim to attract the best skills so that it does not find itself in a situation where it can only attract and retain people who cannot be employed anywhere else;
f. The Conditions of Employment must aim to reward fairly but within the means of the organization; g. The Federation should create and ensure an environment where staff members are happy and can provide the best of services beyond their skills.
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