SAFTU KZN has noted with serious dismay what we can now be termed “The 21 days of
shameful, embarrassing plan which lacks any vision of/during lockdown” imposed
to both the works and working class in general by the government. KZN is amongst the top
three leading province in terms of number of death and infections cases being experienced or
hit by this pandemic

Regrettably, the lockdown which takes place during what has been termed in our country as
FREEDOM MONTH. A critical month where many of our prominent leaders both in the province
and country are remembered and commemorated as fallen heroes and heroines such as Solomon
Mahlangu who died on 6th April 1979 and Chris Hani 10th April 1993.

April month is not just a month in our calendars and but represent critical moment in history
of struggle for workers and the working class. It represent sacrifices, heroism, selfness and
loss of life and limbs including the young people for the noble cause infighting for Real
Freedom. It is the month where majority of the working has hoped for a “promised” better
life for all, where the inspirational document such as Freedom Chapter will guide and give a
minimum program to such a promised life BUT little did we knew.

This history of heroes and heroines is displayed in various streets of Durban and various
Municipalities, Stadiums, Hospitals etc, where it remains just names with no class conscious
meaning to the public officials of the current government but used as a way to loot public
purse and violation of Human rights for their narrow selfish interest informed by greed in one
way or another.

Today as we speak, KZN government is faced with a probe of 22 million questionable tender
over purchases of blankets allegedly where blanket costed R600 each from six(06) companies
or service providers , all in the name of COVID19. WHAT A SHAME and INDICTMENT to the
so called caring clean government.

It is the same month where we have seen a brutal, heartless evictions and demolishing of
shark dwellers mainly Abahlali basemjondolo and serious disrespect of peoples culture in far
flug rural areas such eNseleni, where ceremonies and food being destroyed by police in the
name of COVID19.

SAFTU KZN condemns such heartless and brutality with contempt it deserve. While we note
and agree that CORONA VIRUS exist and do kill if not properly managed but there is NO
amount of brutality, viciousness and heartless conduct by both police and defense force
soldiers will be absolution towards combating of the virus but ONLY a CLEAR AND SOUND


SAFTU KZN view the past few days of lockdown as nothing else but as evidence to shameful,
embarrassing days with no vision on how to identify, reduce and managed the spread of
COVID 19. Evidence is written in all responses by the provincial government on incident driven
solutions/response where they have been wanting in all fronts such as St Augustine Hospitals
incidents ,Albert Inkosi Luthuli Central Hospital and many unreported institutions.

This goes to various correctional centers and various schools which are closed today WITH
NO PLAN or whatsoever on HOW AND WHEN the schools will be re-opened. Same goes to
various factories closed with No clue on when and how the loss will be mitigated. Furthermore,
the lacks of how courts, CCMA, LABOUR COURTS, DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR and many
institutions will deal with the back locks as the results of COVID19.

The 14 days extension in our view will not assist and not come up with new strategies or
continuation of plan which has not been completed by the government by it, it is just MERE
extension based on “BECAUSE WE CAN ATTITUDE”.

It is on those bases as SAFTU KZN we call on the Provincial government and all its department to
put following measures in the next 14/15 remaining days of lockdown :

1. To do massive screening of all staff and patients in All Public Hospital, Clinics ,Correctional
services and currently operating essential services outlets to identify and quarantined all those
infected immediately through identified institutions.

1. To do mass disinfections or sanitations of institutions such as schools, prisons,
hospitals, clinics, factories etc to ensure safety environment and in preparation for reopening
post lockdown.
2. To subject ALL learners in both Basic Education and Higher Education in both screening
and testing immediately in preparation for re-opening of schools.
3. To meet all stake holders such as federations, trade unions to discuss means and ways
on how to mitigate for the lost time and back lock of cases and impact of COVID19 in
all institutions i.e CCMA, LABOUR COURTS, DOL etc
4. To subject all communities members to mass screening within all the corners of the
province, ward by ward, to identify and eliminate those infected through centralized
quarantined institutions etc.
5. To use public gatherings such as ritual ceremonies to screen and identify infected for
centralized quarantined
6. To priorities Hostels, flats, shark dwellers instead of terrorizing them through evictions
and demolishing of their shelters exposing them to more harm than good.
7. To disinfect all mode of transport such a taxis, buses, trains, flights, ships etc in
preparation for re-opening operations after 14/15 days of lock down.

The government must stop the failed MEC/MINISTER/POLITICAL grand standing which has
not yield any tangible results.

SAFTU KZN, therefore urge the provincial government not to play political solidarity which has
bear no results but meet progressive and critical stake holders to assist on how to combat the
spread of the COVID19 and reduce deaths thereof.
We further demand the immediate monotoriuim or refrain of brutality directed to the poorest
of the poor mainly the shark dwellers represented by Abahlali Basemjondolo, Ubunye
Bamahostela,Informal Traders, and workers and various civil formations.

At the center of the above proposal safety gear or PEP must be observeb, not to be used or
seen as the opportunity for looting and corruption.
Police Officials including soldiers and police stations must also be disinfected/sanitized to
ensure non-spread of the virus. We call on the state not to use its apparatus to benefit of
their class friend/capitalist over the power that puts them in power, which are the masses and
the majority of our people, poor and the marginalized.

We call on real freedom in the form of saving life and ensuring dignity, shelter and free screening
and testing for All in corners of our province, South Africa, Africa and the world.
This call is guaranteed in both freedom charter and SA Liberal constitution.

“Let there be work and Security for All”
“Let enjoy Human Rights and Dignity”
“Let doors of learning be open and culture be respected”
“Let be Peace, Health, Peace and friendship”
“Let there be Shelter, Security and Comfort for All”

Statement On behalf of socialist SAFTU KZN,

Issued by Moses A Mautsoe
Provincial Secretary

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