National office bearers

Mosima Maredi

Mosima Maredi was born in Seshego, Polokwane, and raised in Moletjie. She attended school in Seshego Phishego Primary and later proceeded to complete her primary education at Amalgamated Primary School.  Mosima then attended her high school at G.H Franz and completed her grade 12 in 1991. She was also an SRC member during her high school times. Due to some difficulties, she took a gap year from 1992 to 1994. From 1995 to 1997 she studied for a teacher's diploma at KwenaMoloto College of Education.  She worked as a temporary teacher and became a SADTU member in 1998. Later, in 1999, she made a career change to study nursing.

From 1999 to 2003 she studied nursing at Limpopo School of Nursing, by that time she was a SADNU member and actively involved in a student movement. She was a shop steward in Makhuduthamaga local. She later on joined NUPSAW in 2009, at the time when SADNU was experiencing internal issues. She was very active member and a shop steward for the issues of workers. She is now the nurse manager (Local area Manager) at Makhuduthamaga Subdistrict.

She studied the following courses and completed them at the following mentioned institutions.

  • Teachers diploma – KwenaMoloto College of Education
  • Diploma in nursing – Limpopo College of Nursing
  • Diploma in public management- UNISA
  • Diploma in Primary Health Care- Letaba Nursing College
  • Bcur in education and administration- North West University

The following short courses were obtained from Nyukela and the National School of Government

  • Operations management framework
  • Basic writing skills
  • Know and live our constitution
  • Introduction to strategic planning and management
  • Introduction to lead change
  • Introduction to financial management and budgeting
  • Ethics for internal auditors
  • GRAP

NB:  Mosima became the first leader to be elected at Sekhukhune when NUPSAW was introduced in that region.

She had the privilege to be elected to the following positions:

  • 2010 NUPSAW regional deputy chairperson of Sekhukhune
  • 2012 NUPSAW Co-opted as regional chairperson
  • 2016 NUPSAW provincial deputy chairperson
  • 2021 NUPSAW provincial chairperson
  • 2022 NUPSAW 2nd deputy president
  • 2022 SAFTU 2nd deputy president

"All your strength is in your union; all the dander is in discord. Therefore, be at peace and as cadres live together." - Mosima Maredi

Zwelinzima Vavi
General Secretary

In 1988, he became COSATU's regional secretary for the Western Transvaal. In 1992 he took up the position of National Organising Secretary. He served as COSATU's Deputy General Secretary from 1993 to 1999.

Vavi took centre stage in the four-month negotiation that preceded the 1997 Jobs Summit. He served on the International Labour Organisation's commission on globalisation.

In 1999 he succeeded Mbhazima Shilowa (formerly the Gauteng Premier, and later one of the leaders of COPE) as general secretary of COSATU.

Zwelinzima Vavi is the current General Secretary of SAFTU

Nontembeko Luzipo
Deputy General Secretary


Ntembie, involved herself with the labour movement as early as 2004, when she was employed at Intercape Mailner. Due to worse conditions of employment, and exploitation that was beyond tolerance she was part of the comrades who were recruiting day and night to have a union for the first time in the history of Intercape. Indeed their recruitment was successful, and she was then elected as the Satawu Shop steward at Intercape, where she served also in the National Shop Steward Council. She also served as the Provincial Secretary of the passenger sector. The National Passenger Sector Council elected her as the National Secretary in 2007, and unfortunately, it was the same year when she was dismissed by several comrades, for an “alleged illegal strike”.

In 2009, she was employed at Numsa for a period of 10 months. In 2010, she was permanently employed at Satawu as a Local Administrator in Bellville. During her employment at Satawu, she participated actively in Cosatu activities and some structures. She was part Western Provincial Task Team of Cosatu Young Workers and was also active in the formation of Milnerton Cosatu Local.

Political activism - Ntembie has been politically active even in the Mass Democratic Movement. She has served as Deputy Chairperson of Fidel Castro (a Sacp branch in Brain Bunting District also known as Cape Metro), and also as Deputy Secretary for two terms of the Govan Mbeki branch (Anc branch, in Dullah Omar Region/Cape Metro).

She was also in the Interim leadership of the YCL that revived the YCL and during the District Congress in 2008, she was elected as the District Chairperson of YCL/Ufasimba. The Regional Congress of 2011, in Dullah Omar elected her as the Deputy Regional Secretary. Her activism for the MDM structure never ceased, she is currently serving in ANC BEC of the Govan Mbeki branch (Ward 04), in Dullah Omar Region, and a Sacp DEC member of Brian Bunting District, in the Western Cape.

Motshwari Lecogo
National treasurer

Motshwari Harriet Lecogo like any worker who's experienced workplace based exploitation and community struggles of the poor people, became active and joined trade union along with other workers as a member and have had the privileged of being elected as a shop steward and later as an office bearer at the province in the capacity as the Provincial secretary for North West Province in 2011 serving NUPSAW – National Union Of Public Service and Allied Workers and elected again. She joined the ANC and in August 2016 was elected to serve as the deputy secretary for Ward 12 ANC Women’s League.