An Appeal for Support

An Appeal for Support: Parents, Learners, Clients, Trade Unionists and the Public :

Stop the shocking exploitation of those who provide education! Give us your support so that we can do our important work with dignity!

We are staff employed as lecturers, administrators, cleaners and support staff at the Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, a private institution located in many of our cities. It is supposed to be offering quality education to learners who are desperate to upgrade their skills so that they can find jobs.

Unfortunately, the owners of Richfield put their huge profits before the need to give their students value for money and a decent education, or to give their staff a living wage.

Despite the fact that all the staff at RICHFIELD are very committed to providing a high quality service, they receive poverty wages and shocking work conditions, including working week-ends and overtime without payment.

Do you want your family members to be educated to make someone rich or to be able to improve their skills so that they can find work? You cannot deliver a good education service if you are exploited, and treated like a second class citizen.

Our Union, the Private Schools and Allied Workers Union (PRISAWU), an affiliate of the new federation SAFTU has been forced to take protected strike action to fight for an improvement in our terms and conditions. The owners of Richfield have tried to stop us by employing expensive lawyers, but the Labour Court has reaffirmed that we are on a protected strike. We are determined to get justice, and we need your help.

Please Help Us to Settle This Strike

We are calling upon all of our current and past clients, parents, other trade unionists and the public to support our demands for a living wage, and for an end to terms and conditions that belong in the apartheid era.

Support our march on…………………………22 June 2017

Send us a message of support to…………………………

Write to Richfields and demand that they negotiate and settle this dispute.

We say NO to poverty pay and conditions

We say NO to arbitrary suspensions of staff and victimisation

We say NO to stopping us from enjoying our legal and worker rights

We say NO to over-priced low quality education

We say YES to decent pay and conditions

We say YES to affordable and high quality education for our students!

For further information contact……………. 011 333 0351 Comrade Philip Mashaba


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