The 10111 dispute: setting the record straight

The South African Policing Union (SAPU) has temporarily suspended the 10111 strike action, after the parties to the dispute – SAPU and the SAPS management – agreed to allow the mediation process being led by the CCMA to unfold, as they were both committed and willing to find a settlement to the dispute. The decision to suspend the strike was in the best interests of our members as we believe that the intervention of the CCMA will lead to an amicable solution.

For the past two weeks however we battled with the management’s collusion with a reactionary union that has been telling members not to join the strike.This sweetheart union that normally shouts revolutionary and socialist slogans does not have the interests of members at heart. They are delaying the speedy resolution of this issue by rejecting any proposal tabled by the CCMA Commissioner. They are also lobbying Senior Officials of both PSCBC and SSSBC to help frustrate the process. Hence they are reporting that the matter is back at SSSBC, which is not true.

To add salt into the wound it is alleged that this sweetheart union wants to go to the US whilst this crisis is unresolved and they want to postpone any negotiations until they come back from America. We are not willing to listen to such selfish people. Members must know this matter is still under the auspices of the CCMA – a credible and world recognized institution.

The CCMA case number is HO2893/17 and the SSSBC is only hosting the negotiations as the venue. The process is led by the CCMA. The process is led and facilitated by the CCMA.We are perturbed by the destructive role played by this union to frustrate the speedy resolution of this dispute and the realisation of the workers’ victory.

The union has sought an intervention at ministerial level but with no result. Therefore we are resuming the strike with immediate effect and the next phase of the industrial action will involve action by all 10111 operators, all Public Servants Act personnel in the police department.

If no progress has been made by 11th August, we shall call for a sympathy strike by all the unions of the recently launched workers’ federation SAFTU. We do not want to reach that stage because if we reach it everything will be on standstill in South Africa.

We call upon all disciplined and loyal members of SAPU not to lose hope; victory is certain. We can’t give up now whilst we can feel and see victory around the corner. As a true revolutionary shield of workers, SAPU will never let you down.

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