SAFTU saddened by the passing of Legendary Bob Mabena

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) is saddened by the news of the passing of Bob Mabena. Bob Mabena was a legendary radio DJ and television personality who had entertained millions of the South African public over three decades.

Mabena hosted television and radio programmes over many years, ensuring that the South African public is informed of all political, economic and social developments. He also played managerial roles including at the Powerfm where he was hosting a breakfast show.

Mabena had strong views on justice and fairness. That’s why millions of his fans admired him. He did not hide his views but expressed them in a manner that won him many admirers and friends from those who love justice, truth and fairness. Even when expressing his views, he did this with respect to those who hold different opinions to his. His popularity and legendary status never made him arrogant. He was down to earth and could relate to anyone with ease.

Bob was a consummate professional who while speaking his mind allowed those, he interviewed to explain their side of the story. He never sought to impose his views and or call people for an interview only to be subject listeners to his tirade and or his own views.

His sympathy for the most marginalised – the poorest of the poor and the working class in general in a struggle for decent jobs, healthcare, education, violence against women and children and had expressed his disgust at the levels of crime without any fear, favour and or prejudice made him an ally of progressive forces of our country.
Bob Mabena perfected his trade and sought to improve all the time. He knew his music playing love songs and local music. He did not just play music as a DJ, but he also at least one CD under his belt. One song in which he collaborated with another sporting legend; Dr Khumalo got our people dancing many nights away in the 90’s.

The younger generation must emulate this legend. SAFTU sends its deepest message to his family, friends and comrades as well as his colleagues at his foundation, media outlets and many others he touched their lives.

Go well the true legend you will be forever be missed.

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