The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) is pleased to report to its members and the working class that the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) has approved our membership application. 

Our admission into the forum is critically significant. It is critical because after so many years, NEDLAC will have a federation that is neither liberal (does not accept the framework of neoliberalism and capitalism) or yellow (is not in cahoots with the ruling party), but independent and radical. Though labouring under no illusion that NEDLAC’s approval of our membership will mean a sudden transformation of the socio-economic conditions of the working class, we will contest ideas and policy proposals that affect the overwhelming working class majority. It means, unlike the class collaborationists, we will not be collaborating but genuinely be championing pro-poor and pro-worker policies. 

Unlike opposing through statements and pickets policies that affect workers only, we will have the opportunity to contest the policy proposals in the chambers. In place, we will put forward policy alternatives that are aimed at uplifting the living standards of workers and the working class at large. 

This does not mean we will merely win the battle by arguing and putting forward policy alternative. Instead, workers will still be required to embark on national strikes to pressure government to accede to our demands and protracted struggles to make concrete gains at industry and shopfloor. 

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